A max of ideas makes spare time to the children and the relatives(parents) in their searches(researches) for colourings.
The pip(top) the best sites of colourings of Web for the children: more than 20.000 colourings to be printed and to be coloured - The colouring is an educational activity for the children, an entertainment accessible(approachable) to youngs as to big

In partnership with quality sites, a max of ideas proposes a wide range of colourings, beautiful drawings to be coloured and to be printed for the children, classified by subject, in the column left menu - For an easy use, do not hesitate to use the research module by typing " colourings follow-up of the name looked for " The colourings of Disney: princesses Disney, Wall e, Aladdin, Pirates of caraîbes, Winnie the bear cub....

The colourings of the favorite heroes of the children or the cartoons (petshops, gilded(bronzed), barbie, musical high school, ben 10, Charlotte in strawberries, Hello kitty, spiderman)
hundreds of colourings of mandalas (animals, holidays(name-days), forms)
colourings of Mangas (Pokemon, Digimon)
colourings of animals (dogs, cats, horses, snails, tortoises, birds)
colourings of holidays(name-days) (the new year, Christmas, the Passovers, the Halloween)
But also coded colourings which please the children a lot, without forgetting top model's colourings, make-up, model hip-hop, fashion model and music model, the favorite colourings of the girls